Acupuncture is not magic, but it can produce magical results!

The wisdom of the body is infinite! Your body constantly communicates its needs; the magic of acupuncture is that it gives us the ability to listen for the imbalances and the tools to correct them utilizing and honoring the body’s innate healing ability.

Acupuncture has proven to be very effective for thousands of years. Using a combination of the rich tradition of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, modern medicine and nutrition, we can help you to restore health and vitality.


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is an integral part of health and wellness. Nutrition coaching helps to facilitate the inclusion healthy eating behavior and address concerns related to foods. It aims to empower you to make the most of your nutrition. Elizabete’s approach is to promote individual change and personal development, not to mention “delicious” suggestions for a new way to nourishing yourself.

Nutrition coaching is specific to the each individual, you have unique dietary and nutritional requirements and “good nutritional” may look different from person to person. The goal is to improve and maintain your health, putting you in control of your nutritional needs and overall well-being.

Appointment available in person, video or by phone.

Funcional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is a full body system that utilizes the power of nutrition to heal, it uses food as medicine for greater sense of well-being. It integrates herbal remedies, vitamins, and other supplements, to an elegant and very effective way to heal and prevent illnesses.

Elizabete’s approach is to identify problem areas, assess causes of deficiencies and design individualized plan that include nutrition, herbal remedies and/or dietary supplements for optimum healing and repair of glands and organs in your body.

Appointment available in person, video or by phone.


21-Day Detox-Cleanse

This is a powerful food-base (no fasting or flushes) detox program that gently helps your liver and kidneys to cleanse toxins effectively.  In turn, it improves the functions of these organs and have a huge impact on your overall health.

Within three short weeks, dramatic improvements occur in your sleep, energy, digestion, elimination, hormones, skin, and even cholesterol levels. You learn new habits you can incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. This program can also be used as part of weight loss process.