Personal Stories

Weight Loss – “I feel that the way I’m eating is sustainable.”

I have been participating in Well Life Place’s weight loss program for about three months. During that time I lost more than 30 pounds. The diet consisted of real food supported by supplements and probiotics that worked with the body to decrease hunger and improve its functions. The staff has helped adapt the program to my needs. I intend to continue on until I finish losing the weight I need to lose. It’s worth mentioning that I have tried many diets in my lifetime, but this is the first time I feel that the way I’m eating is sustainable. I particularly like the meal planning, it gives me both options and the structure I need to form new healthy eating habits.

Phyllis C.

Fertility – “I was able to have a healthy full term baby.”

As I have reflected on the last couple of years, I feel I should write to thank you for all the help you have given me- and in turn my family. Initially, when I began seeing you it was in the hopes of regulating my menstrual cycles, without the use of synthetic hormones. Within 2 weeks time, we achieved that goal. Honestly, I was very surprised at how quickly my body responded to your gentle, yet intense acupuncture techniques. Since being your patient, I have had more regular cycles than ever before. It has been a great feeling to know that there is someone on my side, who understands my interest in helping my body in a calming and natural way.

Another goal we have had over the years was to achieve pregnancy- and with your assistance we made that happen too. Words cannot express how much I appreciated you calling to check in on me- as well as all your advice, counseling, and treatments during that time. With your help, as well as the help of my doctors, I was able to have a healthy full term baby. I count my blessings every day, and am now a proud mother to a second daughter. She has completed our family in the most wonderful and joyous ways, and I feel so much gratitude for your assistance in making it happen.

Thank you for all your help during the last couple of years. I hope as we continue to work closely, we can achieve the rest of our goals together. I truly appreciate everything you have done to help me grow as a person, and I love with how much better I feel physically. Thank you for everything you do for my family from the bottom of my heart.

Giovana M.

Celiac – “… I’m living the healthiest life I have ever lived.”

“I began to feel truly sick in high school. I had trouble keeping meals down and my weight fluctuated constantly. Coupled with fatigue and chronic joint pain, I was hardly the energetic 15 year-old that my peers were. Thinking it was simply the stress of high school, I ignored my symptoms for years. Finally, once in college, I decided it was time to investigate my symptoms. Thus began the very long line of doctors and their long list of misdiagnoses! First I was pregnant, then it was lupus, then leukemia, and on and on it went for four years. Finally, the 13th doctor told me, “You have microscopic colitis. There is no cure. You simply have to live with it.”

Live with it? Live with chronic diarrhea, fatigue, and joint pain? Migraines, skin rashes, and nausea? I was devastated and had given up all hope of a normal, healthy life. When I first went to see Elizabete, I was convinced that at best she could help me manage my day to day symptoms. After my first appointment, she told me that she was not convinced I had microscopic colitis and that, with time and effort, I could live a normal, healthy life.

Within a few weeks, I was feeling better and my symptoms were subsiding. Within a few months, Elizabete had me accurately diagnosed with Celiac disease, something 13 other doctors had missed! Two years later I’m living the healthiest life I have ever lived. With Elizabete’s help, I’m able to manage Celiac Disease symptoms, hormone imbalances, and even the common cold, in a way that does not disrupt the inner peace my body has finally found. For anyone looking for a truly holistic and kind approach to health and wellbeing, I cannot recommend Well Life Place highly enough!”

Casen C.

Nutrition –  “Knowledge is power…” 

I have always been active. I like sports and I like adventure. But like most Americans, I also work…a lot….I like to have cocktails and overindulge in foods that I know are not helping stay in bikini shape, and I like to watch TV. Occasionally, the active part is far overshadowed by the cocktails, food and TV. Not a good combination.

However, when I moved to Austin over 3 years ago, the city and its activities fit me. It was easy to be active and affordable to attend group classes. After 3 or 4 months of being very active daily and going gluten free, I found I was tired, was gaining weight and in general was just sluggish. That’s when I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and I was lucky enough to find Elizabete.

Today, my family would tell you I’m the “health nut” in the family, and I would tell you I have so far to go!  But the truth is, I have come so far!

When I met EG, I was fed up. I didn’t have 100 pounds to loose, I had 10. I loved to cook, I just didn’t know how to cook foods to feed my body and I had no idea how complex and how simple my needs really were.

So gluten free right?  I did it because the science made sense.  What I didn’t know is that my body is fairly intolerant to corn!  Corn is, of course, gluten free. My body is also very prone to inflammation. Gluten free is not sugar free. And finally, without help to detoxify, my body is constantly battling something inside that it doesn’t want there. Complex and simple at the same time.

I’m a pretty diligent patient. I listen, I learn and I’m honest with myself and EG. There were many things that EG knew after talking to me for 5 minutes, and there are some things we are still working out. But today, today I am stronger and healthier and my body is happier than it’s ever been. It’s not that I don’t get sick, it’s that I get well quickly. It’s not that I don’t gain weight, it’s that I understand my body. It’s not that I need to run marathons, but I’ve found the right balance and the right exercises to keep me engaged and happy.

Today, I understand and appreciate so much more about food, nutrition and supplements and what they can really do for the body – every day, short term and long term. I ran a half marathon while on a cleanse. Something all the books tell you isn’t possible. I made record time. Knowledge is power and that’s the biggest benefit of working with EG – it’s not just “take this and feel better”, or do this or don’t do that, it’s a knowledge base and information that are building blocks to real power and understanding. And even a thin crust pepperoni pizza with banana peppers isn’t as satisfying as understanding how your body works and how to get it working the way you want – although even for me today, it’s a close second…..I am human after all 🙂

Cheryl D.

Breast Cancer – “…God’s miracles in my life.”  

Healing… that is what Elizabete does! No, it does not come from her, but through her; and she is an open vessel for His presence.

More than four years ago I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I knew that I must find a healing team. A group of healthcare professionals who believed it what could happen, not statistics. This quest lead me through the offices of numerous providers. When I found Elizabete, I knew she had to be an integral part of my team.

She fills me with her spiritual presence, her listening ear, her competence and most of all her belief in me and God’s miracles in my life.

I thank God that she is a part of my healing team.

Katherine O.

Breast Cancer – “…would take the journey with me…“

I met Elizabete in the mid 90s, we were in the same Tai Chi class together. I clearly remember how well our energies meshed in ‘push hands’. Since that time I’ve followed her journey as a yoga teacher and as she learned the art of acupuncture. She finished her acupuncture training around the time I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in 2002. Stage IV, also called Metastatic or Advanced breast cancer is when the cancer has spread to some part of the body other than the breast, in my case the liver. It is the most advanced stage, and is frequently terminal.  I knew I had to do chemotherapy again, but I also felt that I wanted to work on a deeper level. This was my third bout with breast cancer and clearly something was off in my body.  I asked Elizabete if she would take the journey with me– her answer was ‘I’d be honored’. So, over the past decade I’ve seen her every other week or so– and together we have chased down every side effect of 10 straight years of chemotherapy.  She’s helped me with neuropathy, low blood counts, pain relief, allergies and my energy levels.  It’s been 12 years since we last saw any tumors in me, I hope for many more… and I know Elizabete will be by my side, her nurturing and supportive spirit taking the edge off cancer treatment.

Marie C.

Breast Cancer – “…helping my body remain strong enough…”

Soon after my diagnosis of Stage IV breast cancer (which had spread to my lungs and bones), I met a woman whose cancer had also metastasized and she told me how Elizabete had helped her. I had had acupuncture before but didn’t feel that it had made a difference for me but I decided to go to Elizabete anyway. If it had helped this other person, I thought that maybe I ought to give it another chance.

From the moment Elizabete introduced herself, I felt at ease.  Elizabete listened in a way that felt different than just writing down a list of symptoms. We talked about the physical and emotional stress of living in perpetual treatment. She synthesized what I told her with what she observed about my body and had good understanding of the western medicine process as well. Her beautifully calm and generous energy gave me a visceral feeling that this was a place of healing.

It has been eight years since my Stage IV diagnosis and I continue to work full time as a single parent and receive cancer treatment at an oncology center. I believe that Elizabete’s work with me has been instrumental in helping my body remain strong enough to tolerate the many courses of chemotherapies I have been on. My favorite day of the week is always the day I get to see her. The most obvious reason is that I always get the most wonderful nap on that table. But the bigger picture is that Elizabete has a rare combination of having a high level of expertise with herbal remedies as well as  being technically excellent at acupuncture, and this is combined seamlessly with spot on intuition, emotional sensitivity and a spiritual perspective.  There are many people who are in the healing arts, but in my experience, few are true healers. Elizabete is one of them.

Sandy K.

Cleanse/Detox – “… the real deal…”

I could not believe how good I felt after only 3 days into the 21 day purification/nutrition reset program. I had more energy, I experienced deep sleep all night long, all joint pain disappeared and I even dropped a few pounds along the way. Most importantly, the purification program helped me establish healthier eating patterns that continued long after the 21 day program. Elizabete provides continual guidance and has customized a plan for me that keeps me feeling great. With her background in nursing, nutrition and acupuncture, I know I’m getting help from an expert. Elizabete is the real deal and she practices what she preaches. I see her several times a week when she comes in for Zumba fitness classes in our studio. She’s always got a skip in her step, a bright smile, and that woman can dance. I’m so glad she’s part of my life!

Todd Gibbs
Owner/Instructor ToddPilates Fitness

21-Day Cleanse/Detox –  “…I lost about 10 lbs the first 12 days…”

I would like to share my experience with the 21 day Purification and Weight Loss Nutrition Program, hoping to help and encourage other to take steps towards improving their heath.

The results of this program really surprised me. I lost about 10 lbs the first 12 days, and another two after that. My morning blood sugar readings dropped from 136 to 105, occasionally down to 95. Less skin itchiness – I’ve a bit of rosecea across my chest which is less red and the back of my neck/shoulders was always itching, now less. The whites of my eyes are less yellow/red/bloodshot , veins in my eyes less visible. Less driven by cravings for carbs / sweets, less late night snacking. Much less nasal congestion and mucous, less daily continuous blowing my nose and less sinus problem, which means no nasal sprays when trying to get to sleep. Oh, and less morning stuffiness. I couldn’t have done this without the guidance and support of my nutritionist Elizabete. She was there every step of the way, helping, encouraging, cheering… she made it possible for me to do this, especially during some challenges I encountered.  She adjusted the program to meet my needs so that I succeeded. Thanks Elizabete for your all your help! This program definitely ‘reset’ my body, got me in a better position to know what foods set my body off and what gives me more energy. It also empowered me to be more proactive in controlling my blood sugar, cholesterol  and of course, my weight. I HIGHLY recommend it!

John H.

21-Day Detox/Cleanse – “…learned how to make delicious meals…”

With the help of Elizabete, our practitioner, I was able to overcome my fear of taking a plunge into cleansing my body. I learned so much about how food impacts my daily functions. At the time, and presently, I was gluten free and maintained a balance diet of organic and hormone free foods, or whole foods, essentially. I was addicted to caffeine, sugar and potatoes (or should I say French fries). During my cleanse I eliminated those items from my diet including corn. With the green food supplements and herbal supplements, I was able to continue my active lifestyle and lost nearly 10 pounds in 21 days! I no longer crave caffeine and my sugar intake has been minimized. I also learned how to make delicious meals with vegetables without sacrificing my tastes for rich and succulent dishes. I am addicted to kale and the daily SP food enriched smoothies, now! I was pleased to find a diet regiment that supplemented my commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. On occasions, I fall back into some bad habits, but I know how to get back on track, with the help of the SP foods and supplements. It is now an essential part of my lifestyle.

Roger M.