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Food & Fitness!

Happy New Year to You! This time of the year has such a refreshing kind of energy. It's a time for reflection, new beginnings and hope. Whether you are trying to eat healthier, get more exercise, handle stress better, or just want to make room for more fun in your life, this is the time to have a plan and take action. I am focusing on fitness as it's important for everyone at all [...]

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Inspire Your Patients to Make Healthy Choices, by Elizabete Gomes

Inspire Your Patients to Make Healthy Choices By Elizabete Gomes, LAc, RN, ACN Have you tried to get your patients to change their eating habits or their diet and couldn't get them to succeed? Were they confused and unsure of what the right thing was to eat? You are not alone! Most patients I work with want to eat healthy and make lifestyle changes, but they don't know how. A 62-year-old, single college professor [...]

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