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The human skeletal system is a complex organ in constant equilibrium with the rest of the body. In addition to the support and structure of the body, bone is the major reservoir for many minerals and other compounds essential for maintaining a healthy acid-base balance. The deterioration of the bone structure affects the elderly and most particularly women, who seem to be more susceptible to poor bone health starting at menopause. Issues such as [...]

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The Importance of Hydration

The Dog Days of Summer The summer heat is here and it can be very depleting to the body. When our body is overheated and dehydrated we feel tired, and even simple activities can be exhausting. We want to help give your body the support it needs so that you enhance your sense of wellness, not deplete it. Have the best summer ever! The tips below are intended to increase your energy, support exercise [...]

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Metabolism & Weight Loss

Metabolism & Weight Loss The topic of healthy nutrition and weight loss is hot right now and metabolism is the new buzz word! Recent research shows that long-term weight loss is related to how a person's metabolism adjusts and adapts to changes in their diet and activity level. That is why we guide our patients through change in nutrition lifestyle and habits, and advise against dieting. Besides diets being hard, most people gain the [...]

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Filling the Gap: The Role of Alternative Practitioners in a Broken Health Care System, by Elizabete Gomes

Filling the Gap: The Role of Alternative Practitioners in a Broken Health Care System By Elizabete Gomes, LAc, RN, ACN Published: I have been asked many times what got me into alternative medicine. My answer is simple: I want to truly help and make a difference in people's health. This is a challenging time to be an alternative health care provider, but also very important. Our contributions are needed and maybe essential; our [...]

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The Truth About Vitamins!

The need to supplement our diet with vitamins has never been so great. The food we eat today is not the same that was eaten 50-100 years ago. Our soil is so depleted that our farm crops depend on the chemical fertilizers to grow; making our food devoid of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals we need for survive and to stay healthy. This is why eating a balanced diet is no longer [...]

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Detox Cleanse!

The new year is rolling along! If you did what I did, you ate more then usual over the holidays and are now thinking about getting back on track. Well, one option is to do a gentle detox cleanse to reset your eating and your body. This is a great time to make healthy new habits or refresh your eating. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and it can change your [...]

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